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xcrybaby's Journal

pardon me while i burst into flames
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I have a personal LJ from 2004 but sadly, none of my real life friends are fan girls hence no one to flail with. So I figured it'd be good to have another journal as an outlet for my FAN GIRL thoughts. Except I pretty much fail cause I hardly update..not like anyone's reading this so that's okay. hahaha

*Since this is my journal whatever opinions or dislike for anything that I voice out well.. I hope you can let me do it freely. Please don't get offended and if you dislike it, well you can not read. :D

JE fan. Yes I like everyone. But I do have my biases. =P Pop Culture interests me: American, Japanese and Korean. Actually, I mentioned only JE because that's the only fandom I can afford to have time for right now but I do have other interests which I usually do not have time for unfortunately.

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