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pardon me while i burst into flames
09 September 2013 @ 02:44 am
..but I'm sharing it for a friend. :):) PLUS LIVEJOURNAL IS HOME.

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pardon me while i burst into flames
18 October 2011 @ 10:17 pm
In the latest aramatheydidnt poll about Johnny's, Yamapi was nowhere in the Top 20. He was given the title everyone hates you right now. It got my sibling to ask me what happened. So I explained that Ryo & Yamapi left NeWs and the reason my why some fan girls are mad/disappointed. "You are a fangirl.", was all my sister said after my long elaboration. Explaining such things to a person who isn't a fan will definitely not comprehend the situation. There really is a difference between fans and fangirls.

Fans are just admirers of the  celebs work or looks. However, fangirls take it one step higher and enjoy discussion forums or online communities to discuss details of their favorite celebrity. Needless to say regular fans don't. They like what they see and it ends there.
pardon me while i burst into flames
08 October 2011 @ 12:54 am
In response to:

I liked the Pi that didn't have the balls to do this, it made him more human and relatable. I liked the Pi that had a super old phone with a cracked screen and tape to hold it together - he replaced it with an Iphone last year which made me sit up and notice his change. I liked the Pi that was more discreet about his relationships unlike with this French girl.

He's changing. Pi used to be so simple, down to earth and frugal.
pardon me while i burst into flames
07 October 2011 @ 11:44 pm
Yamapi and Ryo withdraw from NEWS
Yamapi and Ryo withdraw from NEWS
Yamapi and Ryo withdraw from NEWS

It's what they wanted. Yamapi wanted to pursue his solo career and Ryo was more than happy to use that and the fact that K8 is very busy right now as reasons to leave as well.

I love Ryo and Pi. They are just being dicks growing, well at least Yamapi is. He could've pursued a solo career after Daite Senorita was a big hit. He was not ready, confident and mature enough back then. While I have doubts whether or not he has matured he sure is more confident to stand on his own. Not to mention more ambitious.

I wonder how NeWs will go on.....

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pardon me while i burst into flames
29 April 2011 @ 11:48 am
Can 13/14 yr. old girls who actively participate on Arama/Omona please stop acting like such authorities in Japanese and Korean pop culture trends (past & future) when they haven't been fans for more than a decade. I'm sorry but please no. Being able to read about it isn't the same as you experiencing how it was like then. Not that I was a fan 10 yrs ago but you know what I mean. Okay?
pardon me while i burst into flames
18 September 2010 @ 03:36 am
...actually more on Comments on the English + Japanese convos since I just took a peek (fast forwarding when I can).

Tegoshi's English was so lulzy, I'll give fandom that. "I'm pessed."

But I don't know what everyone is talking about how come they had to speak English & Japanese interchangeably because it was not natural. Like as if what, it doesn't happen in real life?!

*Newsflash* some of us who lived and went to school in a foreign country where English was not the local language - did speak LIKE THAT (English + Local language). Same goes for the teachers. Sometimes the locals would speak in their local language and the foreigners would answer in English because yes they (the foreign students), understood.  Of course there are fluent locals who speak English amongst themselves but then somehow ending up speaking the local language towards the end. It's something that naturally happens.  JUST LIKE MAKI AND THAT TEACHER in  a scene.

I actually just forwarded the parts to the English mixed with Japanese conversations so I can judge for myself. Seeing that, that's all ever anyone comments about. As for the movie well I didn't like the book so I wasn't expecting much. But dang! Her dad's house in the movie is exactly like how I pictured it to be.
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pardon me while i burst into flames
17 September 2010 @ 03:30 pm
Well it's like I never really left. I couldn't pry my eyes away from Arama and omona. What is this JYJ drama. :(:( I feel so bad for them but at the same time like everyone else I am wondering why it's a problem wherever they go.

I have my speculations about what happened I shall save that for another day.

Lately I've been watching Sungkuyungwan Scandal, We Got Married - the C.N Blue guy and that SNSD member and Playful Kiss.

I LOVED BANDAGE!! I normally don't find Jin attractive but I like him there. Jin said it was hard acting like a rocker but he was pretty much Jin.
pardon me while i burst into flames
16 August 2010 @ 11:56 am
I'm supposed to be on hiatus right now but I really have to get this off my chest. I'm not even a Namie stan but...
Just because your favorite IDOL had cosmetic enhancements/surgery don't go around bringing other celebs down by saying they had it  too. I used that term since most of you don't like the word plastic surgery. To me a nose shot and pinching one's eyes to make it wider is already some form of P.S although it's not literally surgery as in going under knife.
*right click view image for bigger picture

Her teeth got fixed and lost her her tan. Got a better hair dresser.
Sometimes these "supposed plastic surgery" pictures largely  depends on the comparison pictures they use. They tend to use the most photoshopped and unflattering pictures. If we were to go by COMPARISON PICTURES only lookie lookie at Yamapi's:

I remember reading someone's comment years ago "Yamapi must have had surgery his face looks unreal."

As a big Yamapi fan. I will take that as a compliment. Anyone with half a brain will know he didn't have surgery just look at his baby or childhood pics. I don't think I need to post how he looks like right now right ;)

I know Jolin Tsai had surgery  my best friend dislikes her, but I'm a fan. More of a fan of hers than I am of Namie's. It's just Jolin's fans know that she did get something done and no one is going around praising what a natural beauty she is or how getting her nose fixed ~doesn't make her plastic~ ~It's not surgery~  so it's not annoying.

I want to go on about Kitagawa Keiko but this is too long.
p.s Namie may have gotten something done in other parts of her face? I don't know for sure. But she definitely did not get her eyes or nose done. It's just too apparent there is not a  change in that department.
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pardon me while i burst into flames
14 May 2010 @ 11:11 pm

13:13 Idgi. Why am I not pleased that they're friends? I used to be. RT @firyalt: ShiroPi spotted with Junpei and Jae again. Hello, my new OT4.

14:16 Loling at what my friend @joyryo said that her naughty side is showing now she 's dl-ing a drama (Sunao) at work. I mde her watch it. But..

14:18 She was the one who made me watch No Limit aka Heading To The Ground. If she didnt how diff things wouldve been right now. Ahagag

14:30 LOL ya dat's part of it. I hope Jae introduces Pi to Hyun Joong RT @firyalt: @xcrybabylj xD; maybe cus of all the omg Jae is being corrupted

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pardon me while i burst into flames
13 May 2010 @ 11:06 pm

08:19 Show Luo's voice isnt as bad as the netizens say it is. But wow coz even netizens recognize he's a hard worker. Him & Jolin really are

10:18 Thought u hat Chuck?Love Blair. Nate's so handsome Chuck was awesome in S1 now I hve a love-hate relatnshp RT @jslstudio: ....Chuck...awww

10:19 Im soo effin beat! I started my monday w/ lack of sleep so for d whole week ive been so tired at work. Ugh

10:23 So I read an old paper Eminem's d best selling artist of this decade apparently?Oh how I used to love him. I still hve all his albums

15:29 Contract disagreements and he felt it was time. RT @Flick101studio: And why is Chad Michael Murray left One Tree Hills? Anyone knows?

16:29 Nice too read some of u guys were also Eminem fans in d past like me. I used to think he was really good looking. Ahahahah

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